for plants

Increase the humidity levels for your plants and help them thrive! Choose a humidifier that works the best for you. 

Humidifier vs Misting

Humidifier for Plants

  • Steady humidity levels at all time

  • Fully automated with an auto-switch off function

  • No danger of build up of mold or bacteria on leaves

Misting Plants

  • Increases humidity temporarily for a short period of time

  • Need to be performed manually several times a day

  • Can lead to water and mold accumulating on leaves

Loved by Other Plant Parents

“I purchase two of these for my plant groupings and they love the extra humidity. They are perfect size for my small tables and the mist lasts for around 12 hours on a single tank refill.”

Carly T.

Henderson, Nevada

“I set up mine behind my Calatheas that were struggling quite a bit, they look much better now! The unit is basically quiet and its really easy to use. Will probably get another one for my other room.”

Jennifer K.

Houston, Texas

“The unit is small but it does make a difference! I let mine run every morning and after a week of use I saw significant improvements in the foliage of my plants!”

Taylor R.

New York

How Does a Humidifier

help my plants?

Dry air at home can make your skin feel dry, but it also causes distress for your indoor plants.

Ideal humidity levels for indoor plants are 40% - 60%, which is not easy to achieve in most homes. 

Tropical plants are especially sensitive to humidity levels and need a little boost to keep them healthy.  

In winter and summer months, when you start using heating or fans, the humidity levels can drop as low as 10%

A plant humidifier is a fast, affordable and convenient solution to give your plants the humidity levels they need to thrive and look their best! 

Best Selection of Humidifiers for Plants

Whether you're looking for a small humidifier for a few of your plants, or a big boy to take care of your whole indoor jungle, we've got what you need for the job! Our selection of humidifiers for plants has been tested and tried by our team for months, to ensure that these products provides the best conditions for your plants and the most convenience for you. Our plant humidifiers are ultrasonic, so they work with vibrations that help to convert the water into a fine mist to be released around your plants and increase the humidity levels. If your plants are struggling in your home, it's time to upgrade them to a plant humidifier - we are confident it will become their best friend! 

How to Choose a Plant Humidifier

The size and functionality of the best plant humidifier for you depends on the amount of plants you have at home, size of the room and other factors. If your plants are grouped together, it is recommended to use one humidifier for one grouping of plants. Large humidifiers are more effective in raising the humidity levels quickly in a small room, but won't be effective to cover a large space. Some of our plant humidifiers come with handy extra features like night light, LED colored lights, rotating head to direct the mist, wireless function or a remote control.