When Should You Use A Plant Humidifier?

The simplest way for you to add moisture to your plants is to use a humidifier.

Many of your indoor plants need more humidity in order to grow healthy and without any crispy edges on their leaves. This is one of the reasons you definitely need a plant humidifier. 

But we're guessing you already know that, since you're looking for a guidance on how to get the most of the plant humidifier.

So when should you use a plant humidifier?

Simple answer is - as soon as you can, to prevent any of your plants drying up and looking unhealthy. If you already spot some browning edges around calatheas, it's still not too late to give them a good chance to recover.

Here is an average percentage of humidity for some of the most common indoor plants:

Orchids – 40-70%

Ferns – 40-50%

Most other houseplants: 40-60%

Signs That You Need More Humidity For Your Plants

Your plant has many ways of telling you what it needs. 

When its leaves start getting yellow for instance, it means you put in too much water. If it doesn’t grow at all, you need to change its pot, or soil. 

Here are a few signs that your plant needs more humidity: 

  • Leaves begin to develop brown edges- this is the first sign of dehydration of your plant

  • Plants begin to wilt and droop- often this is happening when there is lack of water

  • Leaves begin to turn yellow- this sign means you don’t water your plant properly

  • Foliage becomes crispy to touch- this is happening when the plant loses it moisture content

Using a plant humidifier actually is good for everyone in the house, not just your plants. 

During the winter, and cooler months, when you turn your heating in your home, you are also changing the humidity levels. 

It is normal to notice a change in your plants and they start looking tired and their growth is slowing. It is important to remember that plants need water in their soil, but also in the air too.

A plant humidifier will help you to increase the humidity levels in your home. Of course, the most important is to know exactly the needs of your plants and provide the right levels of humidity.

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