Best Plant Humidifier For New Plant Parents

Growing indoor plants is not only good for your physical health, but it turns out, it has also mental health benefits.

Whether you're a new parent, or a seasoned plant jungle owner, your humidity loving plants will always struggle if you don't cater their needs properly.

If you're not sure where to start or what to look for, we will aim to cover all you need to know in this article.

First things first - why a plant humidifier?

Well, unless you happen to live in the middle of a jungle, your exotic plant varieties will struggle in most homes without an extra little help. Humidifier is safer and more convenient solution compared to daily misting (more on that below). 

Which humidifier is the best? 

That depends on a few things. How big is your plant collection? How often do you want to use it and refill it? Do you want one with a remote or one that works wirelessly and you can move it around?

Below is a short shopping guide that will help you select the best humidifier according to you needs. 

Also check below for some frequently asked questions about buying the right humidifier for your plants.

Plant Humidifiers - Shopping Guide

Best For Plant Groupings & Limited Spaces

Best small plant humidifiers to use for plant groupings of 5 - 10 with good size tank capacity. 

Suitable for homes with limited space, these are in compact size.

The two models below are powered by USB cable and come with automatic shut off in case the water runs out, so no need to keep an eye on it.

Large Capacity Plant Humidifiers 

These would cover larger plant groupings, are convenient to use with a remote or wireless and no need to refill often thanks to a large water tank. 

Models available as filter-free or with a cotton filter stick (free extra filters supplied with each order)

Why Should You Use a Plant Humidifier?

Are you tired of using the mist bottle in the morning? 

Misting can't increase the humidity levels to a consistent amount and you would have to keep spraying continuously during the day if you want the humidity to stay within the required range. It helps to keep your plants cleaner, but the amount of the mist is not enough to sustain their healthy growth.

Growing happy plants is much easier when you recreate their environment where they thrive in nature. Many of the indoor plants are naturally from tropical and subtropical regions where the normal levels of humidity is up to 60%. 

Of course, you can’t keep high levels in your home because you are taking a risk of introducing mold. But higher humidity levels are crucial to a lot of house plants and without this, they will grow very slowly and you will see a lot of crispy brown edges on them.

How To Choose the Best Plant Humidifier?

Before you rush to purchase a plant humidifier it will be better to research their functions, volume of containers, and specifics according to the plants you are growing in your home.

There are three main types of plant humidifiers- Ultrasonic, Cool Mist and Evaporative. Both of them serve the same function to increase the humidity in your home air. Of course, there are key factors you need to know before choosing the best plant humidifier for your plants.

Ultrasonic - uses high-frequency sound vibrations to produce an extra-fine water mist that adds moisture to the air. It is quiet, almost noiseless and you can use it without a filter. One of the best advantages is that it operates with cold water and there is no risk of pre-heating. Make sure you disinfect and clean it regularly.

Evaporative - uses a fan to speed up the evaporation of water and increase humidity in a room. The built-in fan draws in air that blows through a moist wick filter at the bottom of the humidifier. So, you shouldn’t forget to replace it according to the manufacturer guideline. It is a little more noisy, and it is preferable for bigger rooms, or if you are growing an indoor garden.

Cool Mist - it is ideal for your plants on the shelves, or on the desk. For most plant parents, a cool mist humidifier is the best option as it's safe to use around kids or pets, and the humidifiers are considerably more affordable and cheaper to run.

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